World Record

!!!Only Records with the newest Version count!!!

If you are able to beat one of the World records send it to us and get a free League of Legends Skin of your choice as a reward submit herego to submit

Skillshot Game

Skillshot by Hi Im Rian [Mode: Extreme]

- Highscore: 25960

Skillshot by Hi Im Rian [Mode: Hard]

- Highscore:10460

Skillshot by Hi Im Rian [Mode: Medium]

- Highscore:38040

Skillshot by Hi Im Rian [Mode: Easy]

- Highscore: 45160

Dodge Game

Dodging by KapsZn [Mode: Hard]

- Highscore: 5352

Dodging by [Mode: Medium]

- Highscore: 12278

Dodging by Ruthless [Mode: Easy]

- Highscore: 13592

Dodging + Skillshot

Records for this section delayed for a Week bc of a Bug in the Game

Submit Record

If you want to submit your Highscore send an Email to

The Email should include:

-A video of the highscore

-The Game and Difficult Level !AND YOUR SCORE!

-Your and the Skin you want maximal 1350 RP

-The name under which you want the highscore to be seen

-You can also link your youtube channel or other social media [optional]

The Video will be uploaded to the Lol Dodge Game youtube channel so it can be displayed on the website

Only Video records are valid !

No bugged Versions (Slow down etc),or other cheats!

all the highscore send in get reviewed and the highest every week in every category gets a skin(every Sunday the new scores gets released) this is the only way loldodgegame can check all emails and the system is fair