Super Basic Guide


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Okay... the game is preaty basic thus far and there are no major tips and trick however i will list a few things i do whenever im playing

1-Have 1 finger on W(middle fingler) and another one on D(index)
2-Never stop moving the character, much like in league when you see people wigling (going from one side to the other real quick (Video) the reason for this is so you are warmed up and rdy all the time + good practise
3-Use F11 if you are trying to go for a highscore
4-Try stay in the center as to have more time to react!
5-Hold the mouse button instead of clicking (hope this is patched sooner rather than latter as it makes the whole thing much much easier!)
6-Click/Hold the moused close to your character as to have more accuracy while moving and changing direction faster!

Have fun
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