My suggestion to improve the Skillshot game


New member
1- Add a difficulty selection just like the dodging game, it is quite boring having to play through the slow early game. For someone who constantly gets 2k points, the early game is completly useless.
2- There is a bug that happens quite often, if you throw you Q at max range and hit it, there is a chance that the game will still not register it and you lose your combos.
3- Improve the walls hitbox, cause if you touch it you're pretty much dead, cause the character will get stuck most of the time
4- Make so that the game will preserve your highscore, make it so that it is linked to the account, cause at least for me, once i close the tab, my highscores just resets

I really enjoy your project, and aprecciate the effort, it is helping me a ton when i need to warm up for a game. Hope you guys continue to improve on it


Staff member
hey, these are some good ideas.
Give me some time and i will try to fix / implement everything.
Im pretty busy llately but i will manage it somehow.

Best Regards Swompy