Few more suggestions


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If seen this before but ill say it again :)

-Leaderboards for whoever has the most ammount of points
->You have said this was hard to implement so GL
->Later down the road there could be multiple leaderboards for the multiple games
->If there are options e.g Hold rick click and not hold rigth click then dont allow benefits like being able to hold RMB to part take in the leaderboards

-Remove holding of RMB (rightmousebutton) It takes away, in league you can hold it but there is so much delay nobody does that
->Helps increase your APM

-PLS add a button on the game page to go back to the main website like you have the home button in the Forum

-Maybe allow us to have a log in in the actual website so the highscore window in the game's menu is saved for the account as well as maybe other benefits like saving options, a potential progressive system e.t.c

-Allow us to customize the options, aka change the buttons to windwall, flash and walk!

Ill list a few options you can do eventually however i dont consider this to be high priority
-Ghost summener spell
-Have some sort of progressive system like being able to customize your character, change the skill shot to other abilities (however i believe the hitbox should be the same



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ty for your suggestions i will try my best to implement them, but i think ghost it maybe a littl overkill becouse in lol you dont use ghost to dodge.