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    What do you want next ?

    Post Ideas here.
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    Patch 5.0.1

    Patch 5.1.0 -APM added -Global Highscore added
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    Patch 5.0.0

    Patch 5.0.0 -New Design added -2 New Champions added -New map added -Shop added -Walls added -Wall bug fixed
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    Patch 4.1.1 -If you release s you will not walk again anymore -Hitbox fixed -Windwall Size increasd
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    Song About The Game

    What do you think about it? Music by Ree Son Video by Swompy
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    Patch Note Patch 4.0.1

    Patch 4.0.1 -New Ability Fire circel -Abilitys appear now in 3 steps 1 only fire balls 2 (after 1000 points) fire balls and laser beam 3 (after 2000 points) fire balls, laser beam and fire circle -20 percent more movement speed (feels smother) -Animation is a slightly faster(feels smother)...
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    Patch Note Patch 4.0.0

    Patch 4.0.0 -New Design added -Bug fixes
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    Patch Note Patch 3.0.0 Why everything looks different.

    Hello everyone, Bad news this site got copyright claimed by Riot Games. The only way that this site can be legal is if all graphics that belong to riot games get removed. The Idea / Game keeps remaining only the skin is gone. Fancy graphiks coming soon. Have fun Dodging. Patch 3.0.0...
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    Patch Note Patch 2.2.1

    Patch 2.1.1 -Lux Ult added as an ability to dodge -S added to the control site
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    Patch Note Patch 2.1.2

    Patch 2.1.2 -Fixed spinning player if rightclick is hold.
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    Patch Note Patch Note 2.1.1

    Patch 2.1.1 -Highscore added -Standing Hitbox Fix -Rightclick Animation is now under Player (green arrow) -Flash Direction Bug Fix -Windwall Direction Bug Fix
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    Patch Note Patch 2.1.0

    Patch 2.1.0 -Rightclick Animation (green arrow)
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    Highscore Section +Explanation!

    Here you can post your highest score! Dont forget to always show proof (image, video etc.)
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    Patch Note Patch 2.0.1

    -Option side change to controls. -Flash on d or f. -Bugfixes.
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    Patch Note Patch 2.0.0

    Patch 2.0.0 144hz bug fixed. Hitboxed Fix. Option side updated. Added Windwall. Flash nerf (cooldown). The game gets harder overtime. Small Bug fixes. Menu Hitbox Fix.