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    try clearing your cache

    try clearing your cache
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    What do you want next ?

    Post Ideas here.
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    Farming game

    already working on it ;) but i made the skill shot game first (released today)
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    Highscore Section +Explanation!

    wow one of the best
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    Highscore Section +Explanation!

    good job realy impressiv
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    Patch 5.0.1

    Patch 5.1.0 -APM added -Global Highscore added
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    Close Cliking

    yes if you click on zed you wont move
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    use your brwoser fullscreen :) f12 or f11 or f1ß depends on the broweser :)
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    Abilities Cooldown

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    Patch 5.0.0

    I thought the game was to ez so I made the bullets faster is it to hard ?
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    Patch 5.0.0

    This took me a while but I hope its worth it :)
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    Patch 5.0.0

    Patch 5.0.0 -New Design added -2 New Champions added -New map added -Shop added -Walls added -Wall bug fixed
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    Patch 4.1.1 -If you release s you will not walk again anymore -Hitbox fixed -Windwall Size increasd
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    Feed Back on Patch 4.0.1

    and if fixed s
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    Feed Back on Patch 4.0.1

    hey i am currently adding a shop and new champions do you think you have time to test the beta and find some bugs ?
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    Song About The Game

    What do you think about it? Music by Ree Son Video by Swompy
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    Feed Back on Patch 4.0.1

    Ok I will change the s today or tommorow and about the other thing I was thinking about that aswell I will add zed soon and you only can play him when you got like 6000 points but a money systhem is also a good idea. But if I implement a money systhem you should somehow be able to save your...
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    Patch Note Patch 4.0.0

    I saw it right now and answered.